Rescue + Work-Boat Davit

Mavi Deniz Rescue Boat and Work-Boat Davit design to safer handling, lifting and lowering for all kind of work-boat, life crafts and rescue boats. According to the rules and regulations of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), SOLAS & MED and also for pivoting- and telescoping-type davits are available for handling small or large daughter crafts including man overboard boats (MOB) and other rescue boats.

Features | Options

  • Remote control
  • Shock Absorbers + Constant tension
  • Electrical or Electro-Hydraulic driven system
  • Training with Simulation
  • Stainless steel fittings, piston rods
  • Hazardous zone operation (ATEX)
  • Remote control
  • Designed and manufactured to meet rules and regulations of all major statutory bodies, Solas and classification rules
  • Shock absorber system
  • Custom Solutions for your requirements + can also offer rescue boats and davit as a complete package