Scupper Plug

Scupper Plug
Scupper Plug
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Our scupper plugs designed for sealing scupper holes for spilt oil or polluted liquids.

Features | Options

  • High-quality brass or bronze castings.
  • Expanding sleeves made out of NBR oil resistant rubber.
  • Non-standard sizes are also manufactured to order
  • The wide range covers all types and pipe schedules
L2 (mm)L1 (mm)H1 (mm)Weight (KG)
ESP 4545651450.7
ESP 5052751451.0
ESP 6565851601.3
ESP 85851101601.4
ESP 90901151601.4
ESP 1101101351601.8
ESP 1351351601602.7
ESP 1651652001703.0