Sounding Pipe

Sounding Pipe
Sounding Pipe
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Our sounding pipe designed and manufactured for all kinds of oil and water tanks, cofferdam, tunnels for measuring the depth level of the liquid. Deck sounding pipes pass through the weather deck and are fitted with screw-down caps. Sounding pipes for engine room double-bottom tanks are equipped with counterweight self-closing cocks. It is imperative that sounding pipe caps or cocks be kept shut and well maintained. Sounding pipes are a potentially dangerous source of progressive flooding. An engine room can be flooded through an open sounding pipe if a ship’s bottom is holed. A cargo hold can be flooded through an open deck sounding pipe when water is washed on deck in heavy weather. Holes in weather deck air pipes also cause hold flooding during heavy weather.

SIZED1 (mm)H1 (mm)H2 (mm)D2 (mm)D3 (mm)Weight (kg)
SP 1 1/21 1/2’’48220361 1/2’’2’’1.1
SP 2260240402’’2 1/2’’1.5
SP 2 1/22 1/2’’76240462 1/2’’-3