Storage Reel + Umbilical Reel

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The Basaran Storage Reel designed for land and marine applications to handle power cable, subsea umbilical, flexible pipe, hoses up to 700 Te
The Basaran Umbilical type Storage Reel capable of handling connections for hydraulic, chemical, electrical, and fiber optic services.


  • Corrosion Protection
  • Hydraulic, electrical, or pneumatic
  • Remote controlled by radio
  • Reel Drive Systems
  • Umbilical Reel
  • Cradles
  • Suitable for steel wire rope
  • Reel Covers
  • Speed arrange for operational requirements
  • Reel capacity and dimensions can arrange costumer requirements.
Capacity (Te)Reel Diameter (m)Reel Drum Diameter (m)Reel Width (m)
SR 8080424.5
SR 100100634.5
SR 200200845.5
SR 3003001056
SR 4004001156
SR 5005001257
SR 6006001457